cl11CrystalLakeTexas.com is an informational website dedicated to preserving the history of the most popular swimming hole in Texas – Crystal Lake.

Located in the East Texas Piney woods of Joaquin, Texas – Crystal Lake is a place that holds lifelong memories for so many that lived and grew up in and around this area for decades.

From the ‘tops’ you could stand on, to the amazing trolley (that still stands!) Crystal Lake provided family fun for hundreds of people – and really thrived in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  A locals favorite fun-place, owned by the Whiddon family of Joaquin for four generations – Crystal Lake deserves it’s own website where folks can share the stories and memories of a place that holds a special place in many hearts. Feel free to send an email or comment on our photo gallery page or any of our blog posts.

This website is built with The Whiddon Family permission and maintained currently by Kari Plunkett Mitchell and Rodney Whiddon. All emails and comments will be shared with the Whiddon family and friends. All stories and memories submitted will be reviewed by the family as well. Click here to learn more.