Piney Woods Paradise

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We spent many a summer Saturday at Crystal Lake – a small lake somewhere near enough to Carthage, TX to make for a good day trip but enough of a drive to keep a 6 year old lounging on the back dashboard watching the telephone poles whiz by asking “are we ALMOST there?!” about a thousand times.  Yes, indeed.  It was a very special place back in the day to kids who thought of visiting Disneyland as an unattainable pipe dream and a day at  Six Flags as the trip of a lifetime. Read more…

3 thoughts on “Piney Woods Paradise

  1. Raye (Baucom) Watson-Smyth

    I was a lifeguard there 1963, 1964 and 1965 — in you photo Gallery pictures #22 and 23 is my brother, Bobby Baucom who was a lifeguard there from 1966 —
    O.C. Whiddon believed in hard work — he helped many kids in Joaquin through the years — I go back every now and then and it’s so sad for me to see it closed —
    Susan still lives in the Whiddon house across the lake!
    Thanks for posting this, please keep me posted! I think I still have some pictures of the lake and some who worked there.

    1. admin Post author

      Raye – that would be awesome!! Susan does still live there and my son and I visit her when we’re in town visiting our folks. I am going to print out the comments and posts on the site and take to her – she will be thrilled!! Send and share whatever you can – we will post it!

  2. Helen (Parker) Johnson

    Mr. Whiddon was a member of the First Methodist Church in Joaquin Where I was also a member. As teenagers we attended MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship). After church we would go to Crystal Lake and meet our friends, play music, dance and visit. We have many great memories of Crystal Lake. Five of my sister’s still live in the area. When I go to Joaquin to visit my family and friends I drive by the lake and think of all the good times we had there. Thanks for creating this website.


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